X-Men : Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey va perdre le contrôle de ses pouvoirs et devenir une menace pour ses amis et le reste de l'univers.

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  1. Anon 15.10.18

    Hey, thats pretty good

  2. Anon 15.10.18

    We are Groooot...

  3. Anon 15.10.18

    W E A R E V E N O M

  4. Anon 15.10.18

    сука блять охуенно

  5. Anon 15.10.18


  6. Anon 15.10.18

    2:18 WE ARE X-Men : Dark Phoenix!!! ߘߑߕ❤️

  7. Anon 15.10.18

    X-Men : Dark Phoenix he look like Awsome ߔߔߔߒ

  8. Anon 15.10.18

    What is the villain the scientists instead of spiderman come on now ߑ

  9. Anon 15.10.18

    i think the thumbnail is what drove everyone here, and seeing sony and realizing it's real.. this is gonna have way more than the 400k views it has now. EDIT: WTF IT HAS 17 MILLIONS VIEWS IN ONLY 15 HOURS????!!!

  10. Anon 15.10.18

    It is nice to see my favourite Marvel character in a movie, but still, the story seems kinda off; both for those who already know X-Men : Dark Phoenix and for those who don't.\nThat is cause, well, X-Men : Dark Phoenix is Spider-man's nemesis. Everything about him has to do with Spider-man (even his look). So when you see a X-Men : Dark Phoenix movie that has nothing to do with Spidey, it looks...Weird.\nBut still, I'm very excited to see it. Looks pretty cool and original compared to the cheesy and repetitive MCU movies we have now.

  11. Anon 15.10.18

    Sweet mother of gooood!

  12. Anon 15.10.18

    2:05 when my shits about to come out

  13. Anon 15.10.18

    Does it relese 10th of May or 5th of October ?

  14. Anon 15.10.18

    #WeareX-Men : Dark Phoenix

  15. Anon 15.10.18

    EL DISEÑO DE X-Men : Dark Phoenix ES BRUTAL!!!

  16. Anon 15.10.18

    looks good. it seems they are messing with the origin a bit though

  17. Anon 15.10.18

    Aw man looks dope!!

  18. Anon 15.10.18

    Ehhhhhhhhhh I’m not sold on this one. I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix a year from now.

  19. Anon 15.10.18

    Please next year will be Carnage movie

  20. Anon 15.10.18

    I was waiting for a X-Men : Dark Phoenix movie but without Spiderman \n ߘߘ

  21. Anon 15.10.18

    I like X-Men : Dark Phoenix from spider man 3...

  22. Anon 15.10.18

    i need to see deadpool 2 make a joke out of this movie

  23. Anon 15.10.18

    We want Carnage

  24. Anon 15.10.18


  25. Anon 15.10.18

    Emo Peter is back!!!

  26. Anon 15.10.18

    Who else is hyped for this ?

  27. Anon 15.10.18

    Why do I feel like X-Men : Dark Phoenix's origin story WON'T actually be X-Men : Dark Phoenix's origin story?????

  28. Anon 15.10.18


  29. Anon 15.10.18

    I thought X-Men : Dark Phoenix is a villian?

  30. Anon 15.10.18

    OK, sorry but this is BS. X-Men : Dark Phoenix is tied with Spider-Man and he/it/they (? XD) exist only because both Eddie Brock and the symbiote wants revenge on Spider-Man.\n This is \"generic superhero\", not X-Men : Dark Phoenix. X-Men : Dark Phoenix looks good? Fine but the look alone does not make a good movie.

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