1988. Les temps sont durs pour Roy, petit gangster de la Nouvelle-Orléans. La maladie le ronge. Son boss lui tend un guet-apens auquel il échappe de justesse. Une seule issue : la fuite, en compagnie de Rocky, une jeune prostituée. Deux êtres que la vie n’a pas épargnés. En cavale vers la ville de Galveston, ils n’ont plus rien à perdre… 

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  1. Anon 15.10.18

    This movie trailer is sexy

  2. Anon 15.10.18

    olivia dunham ?

  3. Anon 15.10.18

    Symbioat. \n\n\n\n\n\n\nMore like simbiOAT.

  4. Anon 15.10.18

    da hill!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

  5. Anon 15.10.18

    I think I just came

  6. Anon 15.10.18

    that transformation is sick af

  7. Anon 15.10.18

    Spider man actor gonna get a ton of money for making these movies. The avengers movie and now this?!

  8. Anon 15.10.18

    Jenny Slate: We call them Symbiotes (Sim-by-ots)\nMe: Symbiotes (Sim-Bee-Ots)\nJenny Slate: He believes that human and Symbiote (sim-by-ot).\nMe: Symbiote (Sim-Bee-ot)\nBatman: Bees, my god. \nSo stoked.

  9. Anon 15.10.18

    Doesn’t look that good tbh but hopefully it is good

  10. Anon 15.10.18

    This is a great trailer!!!Am I corect??

  11. Anon 15.10.18

    In this movie it doesn't appear that the symbiote attaches to Peter Parker first therefore duplicating his powers so why does it still have the appearance of the spider-man costume mimicking the eye pieces especially? \nI bet this is going to be a jumbled nonsensical mess.

  12. Anon 15.10.18

    2:18 Me when I get trigger. ߘ

  13. Anon 15.10.18

    #1 NL :))

  14. Anon 15.10.18

    A long shot from the original storyline but... M e h...

  15. Anon 15.10.18

    2:20 i just keep watching that repeatedly...

  16. Anon 15.10.18

    ممكن احد يعلمني وش جابه ترند؟ اعلان فلم!

  17. Anon 15.10.18

    looks like crap

  18. Anon 15.10.18

    Sony better not phuk up again

  19. Anon 15.10.18

    ¿Algun latino por aqui?

  20. Anon 15.10.18


  21. Anon 15.10.18

    Wasn't Galveston first on spiderman and that's how he got the looks and abilities?

  22. Anon 15.10.18

    OK good job Sony. Now let's get started on the production of Kraven's last hunt and Mysterio.

  23. Anon 15.10.18

    Trending No. #1 in indonesian

  24. Anon 15.10.18

    This looks so badass

  25. Anon 15.10.18

    still nr 1in germany

  26. Anon 15.10.18

    We are carnage

  27. Anon 15.10.18

    so Bane is also Galveston

  28. Anon 15.10.18

    Tom Hardy!!! YAAASSSS

  29. Anon 15.10.18

    2:18 ߘߘߘߘ

  30. Anon 15.10.18

    My legs opened at the thumb nail...I’m ready for ur Galveston ߘߘߙ

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