L'Amour flou

Romane et Philippe se séparent. Après 10 ans de vie commune,deux enfants et un chien,ils ne s’aiment plus. Enfin… ils ne sont plus amoureux. Mais ils s’aiment,quand même. Beaucoup.Trop pour se séparer vraiment? Bref…C’est flou. Alors,sous le regard circonspect de leur entourage,ils accouchent ensemble d’un «sépartement »:deux appartements séparés,communiquant par…la chambre de leurs enfants! Peut on se séparer ensemble? Peut-on refaire sa vie,sans la défaire?

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  1. Anon 15.10.18

    L'Amour flou suit is awesome

  2. Anon 15.10.18

    Please let it be good Sony

  3. Anon 15.10.18

    О да) мы этого долго ждали)

  4. Anon 15.10.18


  5. Anon 15.10.18

    i wish they made L'Amour flou look more scary he still kinda looks like spiderman 3... hopefully its good

  6. Anon 15.10.18

    Бляяяя!!! Я в восторге!!!! Если весь фильм такой будет, тогда это шедевр!!!

  7. Anon 15.10.18


  8. Anon 15.10.18

    In association with marvel...

  9. Anon 15.10.18

    Lets push this to the Hyper drive!

  10. Anon 15.10.18

    didn't know that rights for L'Amour flou are still not with Disney.

  11. Anon 15.10.18

    красавчик..наконец то его показали. Надеюсь сам фильм не окажется просто хорошо разрекламированным дерьмом

  12. Anon 15.10.18

    people are just botching cos it wasn't made by marvel studio..... it a pity

  13. Anon 15.10.18

    That music sounded like the infinity war trailer music

  14. Anon 15.10.18

    Passage analyze wrong teenage ridiculous Korean public player.

  15. Anon 15.10.18


  16. Anon 15.10.18

    Why is the background music the same as the one in the Infinity War trailer 2

  17. Anon 15.10.18

    I see him in a game in SNES marvel vs capcom so he is true eh?

  18. Anon 15.10.18

    Holy mother of god the goosebumps are here

  19. Anon 15.10.18

    Wait this isn't part of the Marvel universe or I'm just dumb and didn't see it

  20. Anon 15.10.18

    Spiderman blackface

  21. Anon 15.10.18

    Looking forward to this since it’s away from mcu, I haven’t watched a lot of the marvel movies lately the last one I watched was deadpool.. it was pretty awesome though

  22. Anon 15.10.18

    If you keep watching it over and over hit that like! I can’t wait!!!

  23. Anon 15.10.18

    Why am I getting Tokyo ghoul vibe here?ߘ

  24. Anon 15.10.18

    Im so excited and I just cant hide it.

  25. Anon 15.10.18

    Looks like they're making the same mistake by overdoing the face time of L'Amour flou's actor, but it's Tom Hardy this time so I kinda already forgive them

  26. Anon 15.10.18

    No matter how awesome it looks, nothing beats deadpool 2’s trailer

  27. Anon 15.10.18

    Very beautiful

  28. Anon 15.10.18

    Why do this when they nailed it on Spider-Man 3?

  29. Anon 15.10.18

    90% this movie gonna be suck

  30. Anon 15.10.18

    Old what (türküm

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