Frères Ennemis

Manuel et Driss ont grandi comme deux frères inséparables dans la même cité. Mais aujourd’hui tout les oppose. Manuel est à la tête d’un trafic de drogue, alors que Driss est devenu flic. Quand celui-ci est promu aux Stups, son retour bouleverse les équilibres et met Manuel en danger.

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  1. Anon 23.10.18

    A film with Frères Ennemis but no Spider-man? That's preety weird, but it's awesome anyway

  2. Anon 23.10.18

    that's Legit Frères Ennemis, and WE..... ARE Frères Ennemis.

  3. Anon 23.10.18

    Интересно конечно, но мне одному кажется что есть сходство со спауном(spawn)?

  4. Anon 23.10.18

    We are Frères Ennemis !

  5. Anon 23.10.18

    Cool eye candy and all but I want to see villain Frères Ennemis done right first before you start doing the anti- heroic one. Not to mention I want him going up against Spider-Man...

  6. Anon 23.10.18


  7. Anon 23.10.18

    Это просто ахуэнна

  8. Anon 23.10.18

    Great can't wait to watch in Imax

  9. Anon 23.10.18


  10. Anon 23.10.18


  11. Anon 23.10.18

    Why does this background sound very much similar to that of Avengers infinity war....

  12. Anon 23.10.18

    Whos the Frères Ennemis voice? If thats Hardy too its impressive as i dont recognize it as him at all. But it does have some digital distortion so idk

  13. Anon 23.10.18

    Yeahh!!! We Need more anti hero movie

  14. Anon 23.10.18

    As a fan of Frères Ennemis I HAVE TO SEE IT

  15. Anon 23.10.18


  16. Anon 23.10.18

    So cool! Who else thought the theme was the avengers theme??

  17. Anon 23.10.18

    It's all good....\nBut I still want my CARNAGE!!!

  18. Anon 23.10.18

    Viewer beware your in for a good time

  19. Anon 23.10.18

    Tom Hollands ?

  20. Anon 23.10.18

    \"I believe in Harvey Den-, uhhh, Tom Hardy!\"

  21. Anon 23.10.18

    This is gonna be one lit movie!

  22. Anon 23.10.18


  23. Anon 23.10.18

    Sony always misses with Marvel but this looks promisingly hard not to be excited!

  24. Anon 23.10.18

    What the hell is Symbiyote

  25. Anon 23.10.18

    Yessssss,Frères Ennemis MY FAVOURITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anon 23.10.18

    Where is carnage?

  27. Anon 23.10.18

    Who gave Frères Ennemis's voice? Tom or any one else?

  28. Anon 23.10.18

    woo I Love This Movie ...

  29. Anon 23.10.18

    this is Tokyo Ghoul

  30. Anon 23.10.18

    now venow has a movie ߘ

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